10 Perfect Paintings for Decorating Your Kitchen

Spend a lot of time in your kitchen with weekly meal prepping and family night dinners?  Then why not accompany it with beautiful art that will inspire you to create? We've rounded up 10 paintings that will fit perfectly in any kitchen and get you excited to keep on cookin'!

1. Trapped by Stuart Dunkel

Mouse with Pepper stuart dunkel

2. Pomegranate by Irina Furman

pomegranate painting

3. Mango by Jason Polins


4. Slices of Watermelon by Irina Furman

slices of watermelon on a plate painting

5. Fruit, Water Glass, Sky by Jeff Hayes

6. Hanging Radish by George Gonzalez 

hanging radish painting

7. Red Onion by Irina Furman

Red onion painting

8. And Everything Nice by Marie Fischer

women with food platters

9. Tomato by George Gonzalez


10. Bosc Pears by Irina Furman