Art Rental

Art Rental Program FAQ.


Q: How does an art rental program work?
   A: Pricing structure.
       6 months rental is 25% of the artwork purchase price.
       12 months rental is 50% artwork purchase price.

If an artwork is priced at $500; the client would pay:
     6 months rental = $125

Q: Can you purchase the artwork at the end of the rental period?
     A: Yes, if you wish to purchase artwork at the end of the rental period,
          50% of the rental fee will be credited towards the purchase price.

Q: How many pieces of artwork are included in each rental?
     A: That depends on your budget, your space and the size of 
          artwork you need.
         You can always customize your budget for your space and needs.
         The minimum annual budget for the art rental program is 
         $5000 annually.