4 Simple Ways to Redesign Your Office Space

2018 is a time for change. Maybe that means that this year, you'll eat more veggies or spend more time in the gym. Or maybe you've opted to stay up to date with relevant news or make smarter personal investments. Whatever changes you're making this year, chances are the amount of time you spend at work isn't one of them. Need a change in scenery during your 9-5?

Good news- making changes in your office space doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. With these four simple steps, you can make your office look and feel brand new, without compromising your free time. 

1. Add Plant Life:

    Adding greenery can immediately bring some life and color into any plain office space. Succulents, spider plants, cacti are amazing desk companions due to their low maintenance tendencies and ability to thrive without much sunlight. Some plants have even proven to reduce stress and increase productivity, two crucial aspects for any office environment! 


    2. Find Local Art:

    Supporting local artists and owning one of kind, quality pieces is one of the most enjoyable aspects of purchasing fine art. Whether you're looking to spruce up your space with iconic Boston sports moments or bring nature indoors,  artwork will surely bring your office space to the next level. Not sure where to start? We offer free services to help you find the perfect art piece to complement your space for any budget or style. Contact us for a free art consultation!

      holly lombardo new england artist

      Add or Change Frames on Old Art Pieces: 

      A frame is like a setting on a diamond ring: it can be the essential finishing touch to enhancing the beauty of your artwork. While some art is better off standing alone, adding or swapping out your current frames can be a huge game changer in giving your space a fresh look. Need expert advice on custom framing options? We offer free services and the largest selection of custom framing in the country. We're confident we'll find your painting's match in frame heaven. 

      Custom Framing

      Declutter Your Space:

      Hiding wires, tidying up scattered papers and getting rid of outdated sticky notes are just a few of the many things you could do to give your space a fresh look. Keeping your desk and shelves organized leads to a more productive and inviting work place. In the end you'll feel more clear minded and ready to take on your work day!

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