Cruising on the Hudson - James Wolford

Cruising on the Hudson - James Wolford

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Oil On Canvas
24" X 36" Unframed
30"X  42" Framed

  Born in Omaha, Nebraska in1958, James Wolford  is an American landscape painter with a focus on marine and architectural subjects. After graduating from The Kansas City Art Institute in 1981, he was offered a scholarship and a position as a teaching assistant at Boston University school of fine arts where he completed his Master of Fine Arts.  James frequently paints urban subject matter.  Capturing the subtleties and intensities of light, whether on the face of a city building or a rural landscape, is essential to his work as a contemporary realist. Many of his paintings are awash in the light that exists for only a short period of time in the morning or late afternoon.  His fascination with the many facets of water, including the seemingly abstract qualities of reflections, provides continual inspiration.